How to get pregnant

get pregnant

To get pregnant with a boy, a great tip is to increase the consumption of foods rich in sodium and potassium, such as meats, milk, eggs, cereals, rice, corn, beans, wheat, oats and quinoa, about 9 weeks before starting the attempts, because this type of feeding changes the blood pH, favoring the conception of a boy.

Other tips for getting a boy pregnant include:

  • Have intercourse during the fertile period, the closest to ovulation, so that the sperm that carries the Y gametes, which are responsible for conceiving a boy, is the first to penetrate the egg. These spermatozoids, although they are faster, are more sensitive and die faster than females, so it is important to reach the egg more quickly.
  • C to climax before the partner, because the secretion released by the woman in the climax helps the sperm that carries the gametes Y to arrive first and to penetrate the ovule;
  • Use the Chinese table to increase the chances of getting a boy pregnant. Just add 1 to your current age and consult the Chinese chart to know which months you should have intimate contact to get pregnant as a boy.
  • Take a vaginal shower with baking soda before intimate contact using 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 liter of water. Baking soda alters vaginal pH, facilitating the entry of Y spermatozoa.

During intimate contact, the best position to conceive as a boy is one in which the penetration is deeper because in this way there is a greater contact with the cervix, which facilitates the entry of Y spermatozoa.

These tips for getting pregnant as a boy may not be 100% effective, as the most decisive factor in determining the sex of the baby is related to the amount of male and female sperm that man produces.

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