Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Panic Attack

A Panic Attack disorder can be a debilitating disorder, with symptoms are extreme that sufferers of panic may believe you are suffering from something far worse than a simple anxiety disorder.

In fact, panic syndrome mimics several serious health problems, including:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Brain tumors
  • Multiple sclerosis

Thousands of people will stop at the hospital every year after their first or their worst panic attack, believing something very serious is happening. Sometimes the panic attack is so strong that the person thinks he will die.

But the truth is that these people are simply suffering from a panic attack, an avalanche of anxiety so extreme it causes severe physical symptoms.

Causes Of Panic Syndrome Symptoms:

One of the first questions that people ask is because something like anxiety can cause these types of symptoms. After all, it is not the anxiety that leaves the panic syndrome unbearable, but the real physical sensations that give the impression that there is something very wrong with your health.

Panic attacks are very complex, and their causes are not fully understood. But the most common reasons that causes panic syndrome to cause physical symptoms include:

  • Hyperventilation . The main cause of panic syndrome symptoms is hyperventilation. It can be caused by rapid breathing, deep breathing or shallow breathing. Hyperventilation is both a cause and a symptom of panic syndrome.
  • Extreme stress . Panic attacks represent extreme stress. Extreme stress makes your hormones unbalanced, increases your heart rate, causes nausea, and more. Stress can pressure the organs, affect respiration, and cause a large number of physical symptoms.
  • Psychosomatic . Some symptoms are simply caused by the mind. It is not entirely clear how the mind causes these symptoms, some people wait for a symptom, and end up feeling, while other people find that their brains simply create the symptoms during the attack, but these symptoms have no direct physical cause.

Finally, another problem that affects people with panic syndrome is hypersensitivity. This occurs when you experience a normal, or almost normal sensation, and this sensation "seems" to be much worse.

For example, experience a normal amount of leg pain, but it looks like your leg has been cut. This is common in people with panic syndrome.

Symptoms Of Panic Attacks:

Panic attacks can cause incredibly strange symptoms. Some people can not swallow, or have the impression that the tongue has been swallowed.

Other people feel as if their legs or arms want to move involuntarily. These are not the most common symptoms but can still affect people with panic syndrome.

However, the most common symptoms include:

28 Symptoms of Panic Syndrome:

  • Heart palpitations or fast heartbeats
  • Heart pressure or feeling of being depressed
  • Chest pain, usually pointed and close to the heart
  • Waves of heat and sweat
  • Difficulty breathing, as if you could not pull all the air
  • Dizziness and feeling faint
  • Difficulty thinking, like your brain is not working properly
  • Weakness, burning, numbness or tingling in the arms, legs and hands
  • Difficulty standing
  • Burning all over the skin
  • Feeling of being about to die, or that the world is about to end
  • Difficulty concentrating on anything other than your symptoms
  • Feeling of needing to get away or from an ambulance
  • Difficulty hearing, as if the ear is clogged or ringing in the ear
  • Bloating, swelling or other forms of gas.
  • Sensation of needing to expand the breast
  • Changes in sight and clarity
  • Fear overwhelming
  • Depersonalization or feeling of being out of it
  • Nausea, usually with pain or discomfort in the stomach
  • Pressure on the head, possibly with a headache
  • Difficulty in holding the head
  • Feeling of needing to go to the bathroom

Not everyone goes through all these symptoms with each panic attack. Also, feeling these symptoms does not mean that a panic attack is about to happen, but these are some of the most common symptoms that can happen during an attack.

Other Symptoms Of Panic Syndrome:

Panic disorder does not just cause panic attacks. It also causes other symptoms that can occur at any time during the day.

These symptoms are not necessarily part of a panic disorder diagnosis, but they can occur if the person already suffers from panic syndrome:

  • Fear of panic attack . Many people are constantly afraid of developing yet another panic attack. In some cases, this fear may actually cause another panic attack.
  • Agoraphobia . Agoraphobia is when your panic syndrome is so severe that you begin to be afraid to leave the house. Generally people are diagnosed as having "with" or "without" agoraphobia.
  • Panic attack with limited symptoms . This is when you start to feel some of the symptoms of panic syndrome, but they never develop until a complete attack. It may be that you stopped the attack successfully or it simply did not materialize.
  • Symptoms of stress . The panic syndrome puts so much stress on your body that it is not uncommon to experience various symptoms of stress throughout the day. This includes leg pains, weakness in the legs, fatigue, a little nausea, among others.
  • Anxiety with regard to health . As a panic attack seems to be a health problem, many people develop anxiety regarding health. They begin to convince themselves that something is wrong, and start to research the symptoms on the internet and book appointments more often than necessary.

Panic syndrome can also cause symptoms of generalized anxiety when no anxiety is present. This generally contributes to health anxiety, consequently leaving you more prone to suffer panic attack.

Important Considerations:

It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor if you are concerned about something in your health.

Only a doctor can ensure that your symptoms are not caused by anything more serious than the panic syndrome. However, it is important to consider the following:

  • Your reaction worsens the attacks . The way you respond to panic attacks can make them worse. Look for ways to get distracted so you do not think too much about panic. It may be difficult to do this, but distractions will not let your own thoughts and reactions amplify your panic syndrome.
  • Do not state for granted that you are about to have an attack . When you feel a symptom, remember that the symptoms do not create the attack automatically. Symptoms can be caused by generalized anxiety, breathing or even by nothing. But if you assume that a panic attack is on the way when you feel one of these symptoms, you will actually increase the likelihood of having one.
  • You do not die because of a panic attack . It is especially important to remember that a panic attack will not kill you. You can not die of anxiety. This is important because you have to learn not to be afraid of the attacks if you want to overcome your panic syndrome. If you try hard to avoid the attacks, you will probably have one because you will always be thinking of them. If you accept that you have panic syndrome and continue with your life normally, it will be easier to overcome panic syndrome.

The symptoms of panic syndrome can be scary, and if left untreated, your panic syndrome can dominate your life. It is possible to get rid of these symptoms by using strategies specially developed to eliminate the specific physical and mental symptoms of the city and the panic syndrome.

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